You Make My Heart Glow Side / Throw Pillow


  • Full colour or vinyl branding
  • Fibre Foam inside
  • zippers for cleaning
  • for reception areas, living rooms, bedrooms as a beautifying item
  • Satin Full Colour Branding
  • Sequin 2 sided branding
  • cotton vinyl branding.


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Our Branded set of throw/ side pillows are your best choice when considering improvements to  your living room, bedroom or office space area to introduce vibrant colours and options. .
Throw pillows are like the icing on the cake when it comes to furniture, your home sofa set and other furniture need them not just for comfort but for style and beautification.
This is a special furniture with long lasting viable fabric guaranty which absorbs external dust and it’s soothing makes the body in full leisure relaxed condition with it’s creativity.
One side full color or vinyl branded Throw Pillow, With full Fiber, comes with Zippers so the case can be washed and dried, Branding on Cotton vinyl .








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