Every intending reseller must satisfy the following conditions
1) Be an identifiable person or business
2) Would be required to pay in full for every order no Credit Service
3) Must have a Government issues ID we require you send us this.
4) Must be willing to advertise our services
5) Running as a white Label Reseller means we are unable to advertise you to our clients or to the public
6) All production take place at our Lagos Production Center.
7) Be ready to purchase a starter Kit for N15,000 that must include the following:
a) Throw Pillow Regular
b) Throw Pillow Sequin
c) Regular Mug
d) Magic Mug
e) Branded T-shirt
f) Branded Face-towel
These are the fasted moving items we carry, as such a sample pack of your own makes it easier to sell. You are at liberty to add more items to this list from our range.
8) A reseller would be expected to pick a slab upon depositing funds to our account to replenish account.
9) We will not be offering any discounts off Sales/Promo prices. Resellers are able to sell at their regular prices or encouraged to offer a discount to their clients.
10)We would maintain a Slab Discount for all Resellers monthly

Slab 1       N40,000       5%
Slab 2      N80,000       7%
Slab 3      N150,000     8%
Slab 4      N200,000     9%
Slab 5     N1,000,000   15%

For deposits of over N1,000,000 monthly there would be a special discount applied that can be negotiated.
We would require that you make a deposit of the sum for your intended slab to enjoy this discount.
Mr Afolabi is a reseller with Ooma Studios and has deposited N40,000 , he would be able to order from Ooma Studio items worth N42,000 before he would need to replenish another N40,000 again. So if he has N1900 left on his account and he wishes to place orders for items worth N10,000 he would only be able to get N1900 on the present discount or would have to replenish his account with N40,000 to enjoy the discount continuously. Alternatively Mr Afolabi would be required to pay our regular price for the Balance items.
11) For resellers outside Lagos you would bear the cost of delivery to you or Arrange pickup at our Lagos Production center.
12) You will be able to sell at your prices independent of what we charge for the items.
13)  Fill out reseller form CLICK HERE