What is the Business of Ooma Studios?

Ooma Studios is a Branding and customisation business. We are that link between you and your dream for what you want your items to look like . We are the waoo factor in your dreams we make them come through.

Where are your offices located?

All our productions are carried out in Lagos , with minimal production carried out in Abuja.

Our Abuja and Benin Addresses serve as contact order/pickup points there is no production going on there. Please check our Contact page for details

Why Ooma Studios

Ooma Studios because we have the machines and the technical know how to make sure you get what you want. We also listen to you to get your contribution that helps us give you your desired result.

What Areas of Branding Do you Cover

We carry out all kinds of Branding , pens, throw pillows, ID cards, Lanyards, Tshirts, Facecaps, Plates eating and decoration, jotters, Exercise books and lots more. See our shop to understand more

Can i Come to your Office to Place my Orders and Collect?

Yes you can visit all our office locations to place orders. However our Benin location is only a pickup location .
Our Lagos office is the only place where you can place and collect your orders.
We encourage you to use our whatsapp number for Lagos 09093929952 and Abuja 09079572246 to place your orders

Can We buy Items from Your Shop Online ?

All items listed on our shop are for sale. Any items bearing Customised would mean that you can order them and have them altered to meet your needs or specification.   For these items you would need to send us pictures and other text that would be necessary to have them complete.

Resumption and Closing Times?

We resume at 9am daily and close at 5pm. We do not work on weekends expect on special arrangement and this would be charged for as express service.

Managing Your Account

How do I place an order on Your website Online Shop?

Once on our website Visit our Shop or Sale section to see what interest you .
Some items are to be purchased outright others might required branding. Decide which add to your cart and checkout. You would be required to create an account or checkout as a guest. Once you have entered your address you would be required to check if you will pickup at our office in Lagos or pay to have them Delivered to our offices in Abuja or Benin from where you will pick up.

How do i signup for an Account?

Visit our website https://oomabydesign.com/ you would need to add an item to cart to be able to create an account

How Do i Pay for Items?

There are 2 ways you can make payment online along with an option to use POS at our office in Lagos, or Pay in cash at Abuja our benin address does not accept orders its only a pickup point. You will be able to order an item and pay by transfer to our bank account or use the paystack payment gateway .

You can alternatively use our quickteller account to make payment click here

How do I track my order?

If you have paid to have your item delivered to you or at any of our office locations outside lagos we would be informing you once that item is available for pickup.

Payments / Confirmation

If i paid by transfer or Quickteller how do i inform you?

If you have paid using any of the modes mentioned you would need to send us an email @ info@oomabydesign.com , sms 09093929952 or whatsapp message 09093929952 stating the following
Item Number:
Your Name:
Name of Depositor:
Date of Payment:
Amount Paid:
Phone Number:
This would help us associate your payment with your account and be able to carry out your order.

To What account can i make a Direct Transfer?

Please make direct bank transfer to our Diamond/ Access Bank Account
Ooma Studios
Account Number: 0074614872

Can i make Partpayment in person or by transfer?

Yes you can make part payment/deposit for any of our items provided its 65% of the value and above. Full payment will have to be received once we have confirmed that your item is ready. Not when you are coming to pickup.
If you do decide to pay upon pickup then balance payment would have to be made before the item leaves our offices or pickup locations.

If i paid for something and changed my mind can i get a refund?

Yes you can get a refund provided you inform us not more than 6 hours after that payment was made. However if we have started work on your job we would be unable to refund any part of that payment.

Do you render Express Services?

Yes we render express services .These are services for which the resultant items are needed in less than 24 hours from when payment was made.
We charge an additional 15% of the cost for the items as express service charge.
This would mostly apply to customised items.
We also run Night services for the same purpose talk to us to see what can be worked out.

Pickup / Deliveries

Where Can i pickup?

You are able to pickup your items at any of our Locations as listed out on our contact page at no additional cost than is already known or listed.
For pickup at other locations you might be required to pay a store keepers charge . This is beyond our control and we are unable to help with this.

Does your Company Render Deliveries ?

We do not currently render deliveries services, we are however in talks with a courier that delivers items nationwide to carry out this function once this becomes available it will be incorporated to our website and deliveries can be charged for to your homes.

Can i arrange a Pickup for my item?

Yes you can arrange a pickup if you are uanble to come in person. Please let the rider or person picking up know what they are to pick up the name of the person they are picking up for, phone number or send us a detailed description of the person picking up yourself.
A picture of the item as was sent to you before final production should be sent along for easy identification.

Can you drop off at Motor Park?

Yes we can drop off at motor parks on your behalf, however you would pay the cost of having the items dropped off at the park a minimum of N1000 depending on the volume of the item.

Returns / Complaints

The item i ordered is not what i got?

We would replace this item at no cost to you, provided its proven that the fault for that delivery is ours. Proof would be either a picture of the final design we sent to you or a picture of the finished item sent you showing the difference between that and what you have received.

If i change my mind can i change an item?

Yes you can provided its not more than 24 hours from when you got the items and its still in the state it was sent to you in .

For branded items we might not be able to have them changed however we might be able to give you a discount on the purchase of another item.
Application of these options are strictly at our discretion and may not work for every situation.

Can you drop off my item ?

If properly arranged yes we can having confirmed full payment for the item if was ordered on part payment or deposit.
This works if you call or message our whatsapp number before 3:30pm
We close at 5:00pm as such no collection will be possible once we have closed.