We brand all items Hard and Soft surfaces provided they lend themselves to any of our methods or techniques.

When you make a purchase or pay for customisation, we are more interested in the value we render ,rather than how much is charged. We would like you to see the value in our service rather than the price which is very SUBJECTIVE. We are not that other company, they do not have the machines we have even when they do , there are many ways to handle the same machine for different results.Our people are trained to deliver every item as though its meant for a king  with all the love and respect you deserve.

Our Various Sales Channels

1) Online  www.oomabydesign.com, Whatsapp,Facebook,Instagram etc
2) Physical Order (Offices/Experience Centers) Lagos, Abuja, Benin City, Accredited Resellers
3) Sale or Return  Supermarkets, Hotels, Shops, Events, Churches, Libraries,, Malls etc
4) Merchandising  Events, Weddings, Birthdays, School Events, AGM, Annual Conferences, End of Year Parties, Camps/Retreats etc
5) Barter Offers  Radio Stations, Tv Stations, Print Media , Exhibition Organisers ,Event Managers , Chambers of Commerce, Sports Outfit etc

We are open to orders from outside the shores of Nigeria, as some of our items already retail internationally. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need some modification to what we already offer.

Our Number one service is Branding.

We brand almost anything provided it lends itself to any of our methods or techniques.

In order to achieve our design objectives, we apply a variety of techniques which include:

Screen print and heat transfers
Glass Etching
Rhinestone design
Custom silhouettes production
Print / Branding
Graphics Design
3D Prints/ Designs
ID Card Printing
Custom Cutting Services ( Paper, Vinyl and Acrylic)
DTG Full colour screen Print including printing white ink.

We work with every surface offering the best advice on material selection vis-à-vis techniques and cost.

Surfaces are numerous, to cover a variety of needs.

From pin-badge making, signage and vehicular branding, ID card printing, Mugs, Cups, Pens, Face caps Key Holders, Decoration Plates, Sheet Glass, Hotel Glassware, CD’s Rulers, Pencils, Flash Drives, Plastic ID, Greeting cards & Invites, Badges, Mouse/Keyboards, etc in full colour for anniversaries’ celebrations, official/personal functions souvenirs.

Fabrics would use any of the under listed techniques or technologies

Screen Print

Plane Surfaces or Static Hard Surfaces like Wood, Metal, Acrylic, Plastic and Glass

Screen Print
Vinyl Branding
Sticker Branding full colour

While rendering our service the under listed point do come up and we have answered how and what we do with them


For this service we will be at your location / event branding items for your guest on the go.

  • Invite us to your Event
  • Charge your own prices for our items
  • Guaranteed minimum orders not less N150,000 per day (Lagos)
  • Outside Lagos minimum order backed by payment N350,000 per day
  • Our Items come Discounted to you
  • Fully White-Label Branding
  • Your guest not need to see us or know who rendered the service
  • List of items provided before engagement
  • Church Events, School Events, Weddings, Company Events, Carnivals,Football Games, etc
  • Events must attract crowds of not less than 150 persons
  • your crowd your revenue


We Also offer Barter services to companies who find it necessary to run their business in this way.

  • We offer in some cases 100% Barter Services eg Exhibition Boot, Purchase of Office Equipment and Appliances for all our products
  • We offer 70% cash 30% Barter for Private event organisers  eg Runway Events, Talk Shows, Film Festivals etc.  Our Logo must be displayed on all event Materials.
  • We Offer 50% cash  50% Barter for Radio, Televisions, Government Events etc We do require partnership Status plus have our logo shown on all materials for the event. For TV, Radio and News Media we would require Adverts as well as publicity for the balance.
  • Other we are flexible with our offers make us an offer we can consider to get the transaction started.
  • Take a look at our samples for Barter /Partnership and decide how and what you want  Partnership/Barter Sample Set

Sale or Return

This option of purchase and sale applies to vendors who own supermarkets , Hotel lobbies, Shoping Malls and other places similar to them. We are able to deliver items to you for a weekly consolidated payment. You do not pay anything for the items we deliver unless they are sold.

Our items add a lot of value to your business and can draw lots of customers to your outlet. They are unique and 100% made and designed for Nigerians things people can relate with, many of them can be used as souvenir items  for international guest.

Your design will be of the highest quality!
With our state of the art machines which includes; DTG Printer, 3D printer, Engraving Machine, Heat Press, Pen Press, Mug Press, Plate Press among others we can deliver the finest of prints on any surface.
We do not outsource. With us you can always trust that your design will be of the highest quality.

Customer Service
The customer is always #1 with Ooma. Our customer is King! Our working hours are from 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. @OOMA STUDIOS Talk to us with regard to any design questions and concerns you may have. You will get a free consultation and be able to keep in touch with free and unlimited phone support throughout the entire design process. We offer knowledgeable and friendly telephone support! Reach us: Email: info@OomaByDesign.com Call Our Landline Number : +234 01 291 0640



Customized designs however are typically an interactive process ensuring that the client is taken along and fully satisfied before commissioning the final work of art to print.
We are always on time, we will not be late. If the received item does not meet agreed specifications we will replace at no cost to our client.

For specially commissioned designs, you will have 100% copyright ownership of all your files! Otherwise all designs remain under the exclusive ownership of Ooma Studio.

Best in search
We guarantee your satisfaction through our unbeatable, free and unlimited revisions service. With multiple design concepts to choose from and free and unlimited revisions, you will get exactly what you envisioned and more.

This along with the wide range of services we offer for free will guarantee you get everything you need.

Beginning with conceptualization and graphics design

Every Item the same Quality no matter the Quantity

Quick Steps to having your desired Gift Items Delivered to you.



Identify the need for Customised/Personalised items and plan your budget visit our shop to have an idea of the cost. Knowing occasion really helps us give you the best.


Decide which item to go with. We do carry a range of gift items which would suit anyone at any time you do however need to decide which you will settle for ask for advice if need be.

Pay for the Item

This is the critical part of any choice making payment. You need to to make payment before we are able to go any further. You can also decide to buy any of our already branded items.

Concept / Design

Once you have paid the next step is to send us materials to come up with a concept and show you possible designs for what you want.Approval would be the next step.

Approval / Brand It

Once we get your approval we are now ready to have your items branded. We would usually have told you how long could take anywhere between 4 hours to 72 hours, wait for it......

Pick UP

We would inform you by Phone, Sms or Whatsapp once your item is ready for pickup. We currently do not offer any delivery services. Unable to make it arrange a logistics pickup
If you do not come to pickup in person, please do let us know in advance who is picking up and also send them a picture of what is to be picked up. Use whatever channels you have used to place the order to communicate with us.