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Your design can be customized!
This way you will have a design that is tailor made for you. We guarantee that your design and more …creating a window…true expression of you.

Your design will be of the highest quality!
With our state of the art machines which includes; DTG Printer, 3D printer, Engraving Machine, Heat Press, Pen Press, Mug Press, Plate Press  among others we can deliver the finest of prints on any surface.
We do not outsource. With us you can always trust that your design will be of the highest quality.

Customer Service
The customer is always #1 with Ooma. Our customer is King!
Our working hours are from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. @OOMA STUDIOS (hyper linked to d map)
Talk to us with regard to any design questions and concerns you may have.
You will get a free consultation and be able to keep in touch with free and unlimited phone support throughout the entire design process.
We offer knowledgeable and friendly telephone support!
Reach us:
 via mail (mail symbol); or
 Hotline ; +234 909 392 9952

Customized designs however are typically an interactive process ensuring that the client is taken along and fully satisfied before commissioning the final work of art to print.
Always on time
We will not be late.

For specially commissioned designs, you will have 100% copyright ownership of all your files! Otherwise all designs remain under the exclusive ownership of Ooma Studio.

Best in search
We guarantee your satisfaction through our unbeatable, free and unlimited revisions service. With multiple design concepts to choose from and free and unlimited revisions, you will get exactly what you envisioned and more.

This along with the wide range of services we offer for free will guarantee you get everything you need.

Begining with conceptualization and graphics design

In order to achieve our design objectives, we apply a variety of techniques which include:

    Screen print and heat transfers
    Glass Etching
    Rhinestone design
    Custom silhouettes production
    Print / Branding
    Graphics Design
    3D Prints/ Designs
    ID Card Printing
    DTG Full colour screen Print including printing white ink.

We work with every surface offering the best advice on material selection vis-à-vis techniques and cost.

Surfaces are numerous to cover a variety of needs including but not limited to pin-badge making, signage and vehicular branding, ID card printing

Print and brand all your items like Shirts, Mugs, Cups, Pens, Face caps Key Holders, Decoration Plates, Sheet Glass, Hotel Glassware, CD’s Rulers, Pencils, Flash Drives, Plastic ID, Greeting cards & Invites, Badges, Mouse/Keyboards, etc in full colour for anniversaries’ celebrations, official/personal functions souvenirs.

Fabrics would use any of the under listed techniques or technologies

     Screen Print

Plane Surfaces or Static Hard Surfaces like Wood, Metal Panels, Glass

     Screen Print
     Vinyl Branding